Which Type of AC is Right for Your Home or Office?

Feeling comfortable in your home or office during warm weather is largely about having just the right type of air-conditioning system installed.

You won’t want your AC to be on the negative extremity in terms of both unit and installation costs, energy consumption or heat output. Certain types of ACs probably fit your needs more than the others. Unsure which to choose? Check out a few of the basics below:

Split System

Perfect for medium-sized rooms, a split system AC and its quiet functioning fits in perfectly. It can cool down and heat up your room to maintain your desired temperature, although this feature can be affected by your room size and the number or size of windows in that room.

It’s better to fit the system in a house with a central furnace since the same duct network can be used by the split system AC.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

This extremely energy-efficient system works well even in humid weather, and it is capable of distributing heat or cool air evenly throughout your home.

You can also choose different zoning options for different times of the day to maximise energy and cost efficiency. Additionally, your air is always filtered to prevent any indoor air pollutions.

Multi-Split Systems

If you need more than one split AC unit in your house, such as one in each room, you can request the installation of a multi-split system. This system allows you to operate each AC unit independently of the others, and it requires only one outdoor unit for the entire system to operate.

If you’re looking for space-saving AC systems, a multi-split system is your friend. Since this is a customised installation, you can only get a rough idea of the prices by consulting specialists.

VRF Systems

VRF AC systems are among the most efficient systems with more various possible combinations of AC components to suit your needs. You can have a small AC unit with a VRF system, or you can have a large-scale installation suited for multi-story buildings.

When used in a large building, this AC’s heat recovery system can distribute heat around it, resulting in excellent cost efficiency.

Chilled Water Systems

You can consider a chilled water AC system in your premise if you need to have the unit installed in a large place such as a shopping centre, a factory or a cinema.

These systems cool down your designated space by running water through a water-cooled chiller or an air-cooled device, where heat is removed from the water. Upon passing through some coils in air handlers, cool air will be circulated around the room

Heat Pumps

Think of heat pumps as the traditional split system’s variation. Whether you are looking to heat your premise or cool it down, heat pumps can take in or release heat to help your unit reach a comfortable temperature for you regardless of the weather.

However, heat pumps do not work as well when placed in areas where temperatures are below the freezing point for an extended amount of time, making them less suitable for cold climates.

Image via Pixabay CC0 License