Using Flowers to Compliment Your Garden Pond

Have you recently started a garden, and you’re looking for flowers to decorate with? Flowers can not only provide you with a beautiful garden, but they can improve your mental health.

Gardening and maintaining your flowers can also provide you with the opportunity to get outside and be active.

Participating in outdoor activities can burn calories and strengthen your muscles. When you dig, plant, and water your flowers, you are bending down and stretching your muscles.

While flowers can benefit your garden and yourself, they provide further benefits by improving the health of the ecosystem of your yard.

Pond plants can be extremely beneficial. They can provide your pond with oxygen and maintain the health of your fish and other plants.

Choose a Variety of Plants

You can choose a wide variety of plants for your pond, ranging from submerged plants, plants that float, and bog plants.

It can be helpful if you research some types of each of these plants to get an idea what benefits each one can provide to your pond.

Submerged Plants

It can be beneficial for your pond if you have a few plants that are submerged, growing underwater. They can serve as shelter for your fish if they need to hide from predators, and they can be great oxygenators.

Cabomba and Anacharis are two types of submerged plants that are suggested for a garden pond. These plants can take off some of your work load as they do not need to be fertilized, and they already can live freely in the water without being given nutrients because they can get nutrients from the water.

Bog Plants

You may want to add some bog plants to your pond, such as Irises and Cattails. These grow in water that is shallow and in very wet soil around the rim of your pond.

They typically get their nutrients from soil or potting mixes.

Floating Plants

Water lettuce and Water Hyacinths can be great plants to have if you are planning on adding a few floating plants to your pond.

Their roots can act as filters for your pond, and they sink below the plants. Floating plants can be very easy to maintain and care for.

Many floating plants also create flowers, adding to the beauty of your pond.

Planting Pond Plants

You can use baskets for planting your submerged plants. As plants grow, you can move them deeper into the water.

You can put planting mix around the roots of your plants and place small stones around the top. Your baskets can look natural this way, and it can also prevent koi fish or currents in the water from disturbing the plants.

Useful Tip: Did you know that you can keep your pond clean with a pond filter? This is something you should consider if you don’t already have one.

Adding flowers to your garden pond can be beneficial not only for you but for your pond life. They can supply oxygen for your fish and other plants and allow you to see further beauty in your garden.

By adding a variety of plants, you can enhance your pond in different ways depending on the type of plant.

If you are looking for pond supplies, you can find a reputable seller online or at your local store selling outdoor equipment.

Image, Pexels, CC0 License