Trendy up your Home with 3D Wall Panels

When it comes to home improvement, many prefers to DIY. That is because the opportunity to save thousands of bucks from DIY home improvement is what makes it enticing to many homeowners – plus the fact that you’ll get exactly what your house should appear.

Yet, not all home improvements can be DIY-ed especially if you don’t have the knack on things that requires the expertise of professionals like plumbing and carpentry.

However, if there’s a DIY home improvement activity that you should try, that is converting your old and damaged wall and ceiling into an alluring part of the house with 3D wall panels made from eco-friendly materials.

One of the trendiest ways in converting your plain, old wall, and your ceiling into a work of art of 3D wall panels is using 2nd generation wall panels.

Although there is a cheaper alternative to 2nd generation wall panels, which are wall panels that are made from plant fibers, it cannot guarantee you great durability as it gets easily wear down.

But what 2nd gen wall panels can promise you is that they are also eco-friendly with high durability rate that you can count on.

So why consider 2nd generation 3D wall panels over plant fiber 3D wall panels for your home improvement needs? And how can it improve the look of your walls and ceilings?

Easy installation

Whether you are a busy person or have dedicated a moment to DIY your walls for home improvement purposes, 2nd gen 3D wall panels are much easier to install because it already has pre-applied adhesives at the back that only requires you to determine the measurement of the wall where you will want to put it.

While with 3D wall panels made from plant fibers, installing it is like replacing your floor tiles at home where you have to apply the glue on your own which could be messy.


When placing the 3D wall panels, you don’t need to worry if you put too much pressure when you put in place the 2nd gen 3D wall panels.

3d panels to add drama to your dining room

Compared to plant fiber products, you have to be super careful and meticulous when putting them together because one wrong move could result in a mangled corner, irreversible damage and apparent damage marks.

And another thing that makes plant fiber 3D wall panels a no in your home improvement attempts is that it absorbs water, making it more vulnerable to damages.


There are specific places where you can put the plant fiber-made 3D wall panels, which makes it a bit costly if you are planning to convert your whole house with 3D wall panels.

It will also make the look of your house lose unity that unlike 2nd gen 3D wall panels; you can place them on any part of the house: the bathroom, kitchen, garage, living room, or bedroom.

In fact, you can place them in your patio and it doesn’t mind whatever weather it might encounter.

Sophisticated Finish

In choosing the material for your wall and ceilings, it is very important to consider its finish. What’s the use of durable wall panels for your ceiling if it is not aesthetically appealing? Furthermore, since you are aiming to improve your home by doing some re-works and repairs, it is necessary that you choose eco-friendly materials where the final appearance is not compromised.

Not only that it saves you from the burden of hiring an interior designer to redesign your wall and ceilings, it also saves you time and money from buying the needed materials.

These are some of the profound benefits of using 3D wall panels made from eco-friendly materials that give you not only strikingly appealing walls and ceiling, as well as cost effective solutions to old and damaged walls and ceiling – but something that you can be proud of because you did it by yourself.

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