Tips for Repairing a Damaged Lawn

Taking care of your lawn is as important as any other maintenance for a home. Having a healthy lawn improves the ambience and environment of your property.

A lot of people benefit from healthy grasses on their lawn as well as shrubs and trees. In fact, a well-maintained lawn can make a whole lot of difference not just for you but for your loved ones too.

How important is a lawn? Typically, a lawn is the nearest outdoor space you have. It is where memories are made with your family. Also, a lawn that is well-maintained can increase the value of a property.

So, here are the three major kinds of lawn damage as well as its remedies.


Too much heat can damage their precious lawns. According to Garden Science, intense weather during summer can have a big effect on lawns and landscapes.

As the lawn gets too much heat from the sun, it slowly shows some signs of damages.

It slowly wears and tears the lawn as the ground gets stressed due to the above normal temperature. Grasses turn to brown as it gets damaged by the sun and lacks of water.

However, with some patience and time, it can turn back to a lush lawn if you avoid it as soon as possible. Therefore, consistent watering of the lawn as well as regular grass cutting is a must.

A sun-scorched lawn can be handled with consistent watering. Make sure that the water soaks in to make sure it will reach the roots. Adding a pound of sugar to your grass is also great for microbes and organisms for enriching the soil.

Pest and diseases

One of the problems most people face with their lawns is fairy rings. In fact, it is considered as the most irritating form of plant fungi. It can penetrate deep into the ground up to 30 cm. This disease can spread from humans, water, air and the wind which look like rings.


It can be fixed by replacing the surface soil up to 30 cm deep. However, this is difficult and expensive. Hence, a cheaper way is to fork it regularly into the ring.

Then, water it heavily to flood the disease away. A more resistant grass should be used to have a thicker and healthy lawn to fight fairy rings.

Hard lawn

Hard or compacted soil is the most typical reason why a lawn gets hard. It can be due to excessive use of having people walk on them, cars parked or driven on them, and children playing on them. As the soil gets squashed, it becomes more compact.

One way of overcoming this battle is by lawn coring. This method will ventilate the soil which is best to be followed with some wetting agents.

For dead lawns, a rotary hoe is best for creating new soil profile. Then, enough quantity of sandy loam soil or sand should be applied together with Gypsum Clay Breaker.

Whether you want a little golf course or just a fresh space to relax with your family, you can make it happen. Maintain it regularly and let everyone fall in love with your lawn. Prevent these three major law damages and fix it right away.