Choosing Pavers or Cement

One of the projects that is always left to do before a new home project or remodeling project is totally complete is the addition of a patio, outdoor living area, walkway, or a driveway. There are several types of materials that are used for these projects but the most common are pavers and cement.

It one will give you great results but the way that each material is designed to work is different. Each of these materials will give you a totally different look depending on the way they are used.

No matter what you use pavers or cement for you outdoors projects very little maintenance is required for each material.


In the past cement was the most popular choices when it comes to construction a driveway, walkway, our patio. After preparing the foundation and forming the area for the cement the pouring will take place. After the cement is poured it will be finished to a smooth finish.

There are several options to choose from as to how the cement is to be finished. In recent years concrete finishers have developed a way to “stamp” the finish you desire on the surface of the cement. Concrete stamps are available in a variety of patterns for your choice.

The stamps are constructed of rubber pads that the user will use at the appropriate time to apply the finish. A method has also been developed to add a colored dye t the cement to give it color.

In some cases, a dye is not used but after the finish to the surface is a done then a concrete stain is applied.

Cement will last forever. Hardly any maintenance is required at all. The only thing that will happen to cement is develop cracks. These cracks will need to be sealed to prevent moisture from rain and runoff from entering through the cracks causing damage to the foundation.

using cement instead of pavers

Be sure to remove all of the roots from trees out of the area where the foundation is being prepared. If these roots are not removed they will grow and begin to crack the cement.

As the roots grow there will be cracks develop and in some of the worst cases even lift the cement to different level.


Installing paver is much different form cement. The foundation preparation is much different than preparing a foundation for cement. Pavers are placed into position by laying them in place. Paver will provide you a permeable finish to your outdoor area.

This permeable technique allows for water drainage through the crack of the foundation. This is the reason why the foundation preparation is much different. Before the pavers are placed the entire area under construction will be excavated to a determined depth.

A layer of gravel is added and leveled. After the layer of gravel comes the layer of sand. When these two layers are completed the paves are placed into position. The layer of and sand gravel is what provides the drainage for the pavers.

Pavers will also give you a lifetime of maintenance free performance. One advantage that pavers has over cement is the crack development. The cracks between the pavers serve a purpose of drainage. If an area is effected by a root or other object a few pavers can be replaced and you do not have to worry about replaced an entire area of cement.

Regardless of the decision you make for the material to use for your outdoor area it is a good idea to have the worked performed by trained professionals.

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