Health Risks of a Dirty Air Conditioner


The Air conditioning system, particularly the split system air conditioner of your home or office, are the lungs of the building.

An air conditioner is designed to take in air from the outside environment, filter it of impurities and either humidify, cool or heat according to your needs, to create an even, ambient temperature indoors.

Therefore, the quality of the air your family or office workers are breathing in day after day is going to be directly affected by the quality and conditions of your system.

Our families all enjoy the benefits of cool air in summer and warm at night in winter from our air conditioning systems. However, we also enjoy good health, and nobody likes getting sick.

If you keep pets in the home, this should be of particular concern to you as all of the things that float up into the air will at some point end up being filtered to your air conditioning system.

In the workplace lack of air control and properly maintained systems costs business millions of dollars every year due to staff sickness.

Not only does this lead to a risk of infection but it also increases the cost of operation of your air conditioning system.

Grant Burchell, speaking for Electrodry, one of Australia’s largest home and domestic cleaning services offers encouraging news of the cost savings you can enjoy with a clean system, claiming that,

“A clean air conditioner can reduce energy usage by up to 22% and, if professionally serviced, the unit will say clean for up to 2 years due to the anti-static coating that is used in the cleaning process.”

Government workplace safety standards regarding the Prevention and control of disease state that,

“If people are exposed to infected air conditioning, or environments generated through other water systems, inhalation of potentially harmful micro-organisms could occur.”

Your typical home air conditioning system consists of air filters, cooling towers, ducts and a boiler.

When these components fail to meet the required quality standards, not only do you have a poorly operating system but you also make the air you breathe more prone to bacterial and viral contagions.



The changes in temperature and a dormant state of many air conditioners during winter leads to a rapid increase in moisture that enables virus and bacteria to multiply quickly not to mention mildew and mould which may accumulate deep inside your air conditioner.

The range of health problems that ensue from poorly maintained air conditioning systems includes one and respiratory tract infections congestion, sore throat, bacterial reactions, fever and possibly even Legionnaire’s Disease.

Just as you would look after your car, it’s equally important that you take care of the air conditioning system in your home. Good maintenance will ensure a problem free system and a cleaner environment.

The result of a clean, well-maintained air conditioning system is a longer lasting product. It will mean an air system that runs at greater efficiency for less cost.

If you’re not sure where to start in maintaining your air conditioner beyond the basic cleaning required you should find an HVAC qualified technician who will ensure that every measure is taken to maintain your air conditioner to the highest standards.

So, as the warmer months kick in, now is a good time to double check your home cooling system and ensure that the air is clean and healthy throughout the long days of summer.