The Fencing Question: Brick or Wood

Fencing will add that special elegant finishing touch to any property. Fencing can be made from almost any sort of building material you can imagine. Two of the most popular building materials that are used in fence building is brick and wood.

Both of these building materials can be used separately or in a combination with both brick and wood. There are several ways that each one of these materials are a beneficial when chosen for fencing.

There have been some very decorative and elaborate fences created by using a combination of these materials as well as some very simple wood rail fences.

We will look at the several types of fences that can be constructed of these materials.

Brick and Wood Combinations.

There are several ways that wood and brick can be used together. One of the most common procedures that is used is the brick post and wood fences combination. In this type of fence, the brick post is constructed and the wood fence is constructed between the fence post.

Depending on the level of privacy preferred solid wood fencing can be used. In some cases, where privacy is not an issue wooden rails are used. The only maintenance that will need to be done is to the wooden part of the fence.

The brick post will last a lifetime but care will need to be taken to use a type of treated wood for the fence sections. As an added precaution the treated wood will need to have a water sealer or paint applied.

Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is the easiest type of fence that can be constructed. Wooden fences range from simple wood and rail to elaborate solid wood panel fences. A simple wood and rail fence consists of the wooden post that will be set every 4 to 6 feet apart.

After the post has been set three to five wooden rails will be placed between the post.

Again depending on the level of privacy a solid wood fencing can be added between the post. One disadvantage of using wooden is the fact that wood will eventually decay and rot and will need to be replaced.

A wooden fence will require regular maintenance. One thing about a wood fence project is amount of skill it takes to construct a wooden fence. Most of the wooden fences can be constructed with basic DIY skills.

Brick Fence

A brick fence will give you the set it and forget it option. If you want a fence that will last a lifetime with little maintenance this is the way to go. Brick requires more of a professional skill to construct.

brick walls

Brick is more expensive than wood and requires a lot more foundation preparation before the fence is constructed. Masonry fences are the most expensive when it comes to fencing.

Not only is the material used more expensive a professional mason will require more money for his expert services.

After the brick fence is finished most of them are treated with a water sealer.

No matter what type of fence you decide to use there is a local contractor that will offer his services.

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