Designing Your Home for Productivity and Profit

Home renovations are great when we can afford it – our homes become cosier, and as we upgrade our furnishing & room layouts, we start getting comfortable.

Too comfortable, perhaps, because some of us have difficulty working from home thanks to the mindset that homes are work-free areas. However, we can overcome this issue by designing our homes to with exclusive space for productivity and work.

Have an Outdoor Entertaining Area

You can add in some foliage separating the activity zones in your outdoor entertaining area.

If you’re used to working in an office environment, working here will expose you to natural light while you work. This simple addition can make you feel happier, more relaxed and give you better focus in a way that increases your productivity.

Having some outdoor space increases your property’s liveable area which can also increase its value.

Tranquil Garden Hideaway

You can consider having a backyard office where you can work surrounded by greens. A plant’s soothing green colours have a way of making us feel calm, partly because of the oxygen supply that they provide us.

Push your work stress away by having a dedicated garden area in your home, or place hanging terrariums and bonsai trees indoors around your workspace for a similar effect!

In some cases, adding to the greenery around your home can give you an added value of almost $30,000.

Setting Up A Home Office

Prevent yourself from getting too comfortable at home by setting up a dedicated workspace known as a home office. Use a minimalism concept in this area – furnish your home office only with what you need to work.

work office from home

Be sure to work only in this area at home so that you will get used to the idea that your home office is for work only.

Not only can a well-designed home office improve productivity – it can also increase the value of a home, providing a 43% increase on your ROI.

Additional Ensuite

Usually, only the master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom.

This is definitely not the ideal place for you to work, so if you are using another room for your home office, consider adding an en-suite bathroom for it.

When you have an en-suite bathroom with your home office area, you will still be within the working environment even while you take toilet breaks in between working hours.

en suite renovation

Simply by adding an extra bathroom in your renovation plans, you are following the market trends for having about 2.6 bathrooms on average for each new home.

Bar Lounge & Theatre Room

We all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is by it’s also recommended that you have a bar lounge or a theatre room that you can relax in at the end of the day.

You don’t need much space for your own home theatre or a bar lounge at home, but having these additions will appeal greatly to the higher end of luxury property markets.

theatre room

You can expect these added luxuries to make your home easier to rent out at the very least!

Images CC0 License Pixabay.