Deciding Between Carpet or Floor Boards

Carpet flooring is a very well-known type of flooring these days. It is seen in many households and is a popular choice amongst households all over the world.
There are many advantages of choosing this type of flooring over others.

These advantages include:

Carpet happens to be a natural insulator and it, therefore, provides a lot more warmth. It can be easily used in cold seasons to protect you against heat.

The carpet delivers underfoot comfort which is significant in healthcare and retail settings where the patients and staff can place their feet all day.

It is soft and it can keep you warm. It is a natural insulator and it, therefore, is great to use during warm seasons.


However with its advantages come its disadvantages as well. The main disadvantages of using carpet boards include:

Carpet flooring can be damaged easily. There can be a lot of stains on the carpet which you will have to get cleaned with time.

Moreover, spilling something on the carpet can also cause a lot of damage because these stains are not easily cleaned. Carpet flooring though keeps you warm is easily stained and is therefore very high maintenance.

Carpet flooring also requires a lot of maintenance. Carpets are a lot harder to maintain on a regular basis. You may require vacuum and shampoo to clean it. Moreover, carpets tend to get dirty all the time as well. Carpet is impossible to keep clean all the time because they accumulate dirt.

In addition, carpet is manufactured from synthetic materials and is, therefore, prone to carry toxic chemicals. These chemicals end u releasing gas for a lot of years.

These chemicals are dangerous and cause a lot of harm to you.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are more commanding and are way more impressive than the carpets.

Hardwood floors are high end and they are far more luxurious. Hardwood floors come with natural materials and are unique.

hardwood floors

It all depends on the type of wood you choose and how they are finished. Hardwood flooring comes with a good sense of power and prestige. Moreover, hardwood floors are versatile. They are far easy to clean. They can be used for many years and they come in different trends and styles.


On the other hand, hardwood floors are loud. When they are installed, walking on them becomes very difficult. Moreover, they are also slightly more expensive than the other floors.

Hardwood floors come with a big price tag and, therefore, cannot be afforded by many. They are a more expensive choice than carpet floors.

Wood also expands during periods of high humidity and if they are installed correctly, they can buckle against the wall.

Moreover, they can also fade and dent. They are very sensitive to moisture. Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages of using carpet and hardwood flooring both. It all depends on you and how you want your space to be.