Choosing a Private Building Certifier

When you need to perform building work, you will either need to obtain an approval from the council or hire a private building certifier. Without an approval, your building work can be stopped as you are deemed to be performing unauthorised building work.

Here’s what you need to know about hiring a private building certifier.

What is a Private Building Certifier?

A private building certifier is someone who evaluates your building plan and certifies your building work according to relevant building standards such as the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, Building Code of Australia, Building Act 1975 and any other regulations that abide by the laws of Australia.

Why Hire a Private Building Certifier?

When you hire a private building certifier, you do not need to be in contact with your council.

They will help you with the project application and inspect your project during its mandatory inspection

During these stages, you will sign a Notice of Engagement Form to confirm your contract with the certifier. At the end of your project, you can be sure that your building project fully abides with the laws and regulations.

These building approvals will protect the market value of your property, and you can even leverage on these approvals by selecting insurance policy packages that provide you full coverage against any property damages.

How to Hire a Private Building Certifier

You can find private building certifiers through platforms such as Yellow Pages or a simple Google search to find a firm located close to you.

Here are some things you should consider when making a selection.


If you want to make sure that the private building certifier you hire is accredited, you can contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to check their accreditation history.

This Commission performs audits on the certifiers’ work and ensures that they abide by a strict code of conduct, so you can always rely on the information provided.

ISO 9001

Hire a certifier with an ISO 9001 certification. This standard focuses on continuous improvements and results as they work with more clients.

You will also find that ISO 9001 helps to improve customer experiences with a streamlined methodology to help your building project meet legislative requirements.

Since this certification is usually audited by external parties, you can be confident working with certifiers that have this certification for high-quality work and assurances.


The hiring fees for your building certifier will be stated within the agreement before any work is started.

If you are hiring someone from a private firm, chances are the rates are quite standard and fixed.

Understandably, the cost also depends on the scale of your building project – the more complicated it is, the higher the cost that you can expect to pay.

A standard four-bedroom home might cost you up to $500 in a rural area, and up to double the price in a city area.

In any case, it would always be a wiser decision to hire a builder certifier for your projects, and request a price quotation before any agreements are signed.

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