Choose the Perfect Flooring for Your New or Remodeled Home

Are you trying to decide what type of flooring you want for your home? Each option can produce a different atmosphere. So you should choose your floorings based on how you want to feel in your home.


Light scratches on laminate flooring can be cleared off with some vegetable oil. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for living rooms or other high traffic areas in your house.

Laminates should be considered if you want flooring that appears like hardwood but with a cheaper cost.

Be careful with standing water on your laminate floors as it can cause severe damage. You will need to replace them entirely if they are ruined.


Hardwood floors’ elegance and natural looks make it perfect for your living room. They are also relatively easy to maintain your routine cleaning procedures.

Since hardwood floors are highly sought after, your house will have a good resale value compared to other houses without.

However, hardwood floors are expensive, and you will need to refinish the high walking traffic areas every year or so.

Engineered Wood

Engineered woods are cheaper options for hardwood floors. The top surfaces feature real wood, but the layers beneath are comprised of a less-expensive product such as plywood.

Since engineered wood has a mixture of both real wood and plywood layers, it is less prone to changes due to temperatures and humidity compared to hardwood.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

This flooring option is your best bet for waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring, making it an excellent choice for your bathrooms or kitchen.

Stains can be easily cleaned from these surfaces, and you will need to clean the grouts when they get stained once in a while.

Be prepared for cold tiles beneath your feet if you install them on your floor since heating systems for your tiles can cost a small fortune.


Carpet floors are soft and comfortable, and they also help with reducing echoes within a room. If you are looking for a quick installation, carpets are the way to go – even on uneven floors.

However, dirt and dust get easily trapped within its fibres even when you vacuum it regularly. This makes carpet floorings unsuitable for individuals with allergies.


An environmentally friendly flooring option, bamboo is quite durable with a range of colours from which you can choose.

It is hardy and clean, with its surface untouched by patterns that would typically be embedded in the hardwood floor.

These floorings will darken in colour when left to sunlight exposure, so install them in rooms that have sunlight protection.


Vinyl is one of the cheaper flooring options, but it tears easily and will not look as natural as laminates or wooden floors.

However, its texture makes it a good sound absorber, making it an excellent flooring choice for your laundry room to shield the sounds coming from your washing machine.


Corks are as natural as they can be for your flooring option. They are mould-resistant and antimicrobial, so are therefore suitable for families with toddlers and babies.

However, because corks are manufactured from natural materials, the colours of the cork flooring will fade after being exposed to the sunlight for some time.

Try installing cork floorings in bedrooms – the soft and warm texture will be pleasant enough for you to relax and rest.


Linoleum floors are made from natural, biodegradable materials such as cork, oil and some mineral pigments. Its natural properties cause it to be prone to staining and wear-downs.

You will need to refinish your linoleum floor every couple of years if you do not have a protective coating over it.


Stone floorings will give an air of elegance and luxury to your home, but you can expect to pay a high price for them.

Stone floorings resist moisture and stains, but if you opt for a softer stone floor, you will need to refinish it every few years.

Some of the stone floorings get slippery when wet, so you might want to opt for stone tiles which are more textured and skid-resistant instead.

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