Boost Your Branding with Commercial Landscaping

When someone comes to your commercial premises, the first thing they are going to notice is the landscaping on the outside.

Depending on the professionalism and creativity of your landscaping, it can create either a positive or negative first impression on visitors.

Obviously, you’ll want to create a positive first impression so that your prospective employees and customers will feel better about coming to your premises. Workers will feel better spending their days there, and clients will feel like they can trust in the integrity of your company.

All this positive feeling amounts to the creation of a powerful brand image. If you can consistently maintain a professional brand image on the outside and inside of your commercial premises, then people will have positive memories of your brand.

Word-of-mouth about your brand will spread quickly online and within your local community. If this sounds like something you want to achieve, then the work starts on the outer premises.

Check out the following seven ways to improve the landscaping of commercial premises or business parks.

Clean and Simple

Beautiful landscaping is important, but that doesn’t mean you need to turn your outdoor property into a jungle. It is better to keep the appearance of the landscaping clean and simple.

Keep the lawn mowed and manicured so that your commercial building stands out the most on the property. In fact, the more of the building that can be seen from a distance, the better.

Water Features

Landscaping doesn’t need to be all grass. Add a few water features to your property, as well. A water fountain is the easiest choice because the water is easily contained. Not only that, but you can choose a fountain with a design reflecting your brand.

If you want to add another water feature, try developing a small pond with ducks. This makes the premises appear eco-friendly and safe.

Regular Maintenance

Landscaping requires regular maintenance to sustain its trimmed and manicured appearance. Do not let your grass, weeds, plants and other vegetation become overgrown. In fact, don’t let it grow too long at all.

You’re managing a commercial property, which means that all your vegetation needs to be serviced weekly. If potential customers see overgrown vegetation, they’re not going to have a positive feeling about your company.

You should also be mindful of hazards which could have public liability implications and ensure you have liability insurance.


Include signage on your property to direct visitors and clients to the proper location around your building. These can be simple, “Welcome,” signs followed by maps, directions and any other signs you think will be helpful to people.

Plants and Trees

Don’t just stick with only grass on your outdoor property. Include a few GRC planters and trees to increase its natural look. You even can arrange the plants and trees creatively to capture visitors’ imaginations.

Perhaps you can plant different coloured flowers on the lawn to add vibrancy to your landscaping. Just get creative and have fun with it.

Outdoor Walkways

Give your employees, clients and visitors an easy way to walk around your premises. Create multiple paved walkways throughout the landscape for people to experience nature when visiting your business.

Your employees, in particular, will appreciate the paths because it gives them a chance to get some exercise during their break time.


Hardscaping is landscaping that involves building hard structures like retaining walls and patios made of concrete or stones.

Hardscaping can be attractive natural stones if you want to go that route. Otherwise, you can use standard concrete blocks instead. These features give your premises more security and durability.

image via pixabay/pixabay license