Australian Home Design Trends for 2016

As we skittle in to 2016, more people are seeking an authentic lifestyle rather than simply mimmicking what they see in Houzz. This is an encouraging sign for architects who have often been cornered in to simply duplicating what already exists, rather than creating something new.

Modern houses are starting to move away from mere showing off and are returning to utility that serves the home owners deeper long term interests and takes in to consideration their actual lifestyle, not their, “Home, Beautiful Home” Disney version.

So, 2016 is a year of thinking differently, or perhaps, more truthfully, thinking like we used to think about what it means to build a real home and not just a “Dream Home”. If you are looking at building or renovating this year, here are some ideas to inspire your home project.

Space, and more Space

‘Space’ is a strong component in good architecture. Some people like to feel the maximum freedom in the spaces they live. Having husky brick walls in the main living space could be something odd to you. But let me tell you how it helps one’s freedom.

Imagine walls, finished with high-quality plaster and few coats of expensive paint. You always try to protect it, perhaps you will be strict on your children not to touch. Not only walls but also flooring.

The tactile sense is missed in your space as if you are living in someone else’s house. It’s not that expensive and time-consuming, yet very intimate and effective to use such rough finishes in interiors with a lot of techniques of making sure the durability.

You can speak to your architect or designer, with knowledge. Or perhaps you can be creative, doing up your own space.


The concept of ‘adaptability’ has taken new directions in architecture. Conversion of old buildings into wonderful houses is another interesting concept emerging in 2016. An architect’s involvement is important in this case.

Maximum space and the use of the additions has to be considered, with original building either fully preserved or partially demolished. This is something that might appeal a person who has a strong taste in old property that he or she might already own and wish to live a quiet life out of chaos in town.

trends in home design for 2016

More like a holiday house for relaxation with family. Urban sites are not as suitable for this trend.

Open plan house designs are still desirable in many cases. Multi functional open spaces serve a lot of lifestyles around the globe. The combination of cooking dining and living spaces with fewer boundaries, create a harmonizing perception between the users.

Many architects still follow these tried and benchmarks for design. Daylight as a generator of emotions, is a well-known concept that is making a return in new house designs. Translucent roofing materials can facilitate daylight forming exciting interiors.

If you wish to follow this idea make sure interiors don’t gain excessive heat in the summers, and cut the direct glare of sunlight to make it more ambient.

Daylight also reduce the feeling of an enclosed interior, forming atmospheric spaces, evoke the perception of living with nature under the sky and sun. And it allows you to form indoor courtyards where you can pot plants. Seeing foliage is always good for mental health.

So, the trends in 2016 are pretty simple, but will really give architects a chance to refocus their attention on some reliable basics in design. People want space, utility and practical living in a home. They want to be able to make the living area suite actual living and not just resemble a postcard from a Pinterest Board.