7 Ways to Create a Mediterranean Style Bedroom

Mediterranean interior designs are appreciated all over the world for their warm, classy and not to forget seductive beauty that they bring in a house especially bedrooms.

There are various Mediterranean styles, colors, and textures to choose from depending on your room’s theme. Give your bedroom an elegant Mediterranean look using these tips:

Understanding Mediterranean styles

First things first! Settling for an appropriate style requires you to understand that all Mediterranean styles are derived from various sub-styles. Mediterranean styles include Spanish, Greek, Spanish, and Moroccan influences.

Choose any of the influences depending on the texture and color that suits your room the best.

The floor appearance

Most Mediterranean styles involve hand-painted tiles. However, hand-painting an entire room tiles can be tiring. Use some colorful artwork or mosaics to save you the painting burden.

Nothing completes a Mediterranean theme like soft floor rugs. Use either an oriental or Moroccan rug to avoid the floor looking all sterile.

Decor and the walls

Giving your bedroom a Mediterranean look will not be complete without plastered walls. Rule number one to having a Mediterranean bedroom is having the walls textured.

The decor is another thing that you will need to focus on if you want appealing results. Accessories such as rustic wooden and silk textiles will work.

Mediterranean interior design gives you a chance to show off your homemade accessories. Take advantage of this theme and expose your carved-wood culinary and all other souvenirs your bedroom.

Natural look

Mention the Mediterranean theme and what will come into someone’s mind is a natural look with plenty of light.

To achieve the natural look, your room has to have proper ventilation for perfect air flow. Mirrored surfaces and glossy finishes can be used if a room is poorly ventilated; they give a room an airy perception.

Light curtains are ideal for this interior design as they will allow plenty of sunlight inside the room. Get oversized pieces. Use curtains of dull colors if your bedroom is spacious.

Use natural materials

When it comes to Mediterranean styles, try as much as possible to use natural materials. If you cannot get it all natural, at least use good imitations.

For the floor, use wooden planks, artificial stones or ceramic tiles. This is not the theme to include panels and wallpapers! Instead, cover the walls and ceiling with light paint.

In Mediterranean interior design, large windows are a must; and so is wooden beams. However, to bring out the theme perfectly, do not use even wood.

Rustic iron

A touch of iron a must regardless of which Mediterranean style you choose. You can introduce the iron bit maybe with an elegant bed and chandeliers.

However, you should let the style you choose dictate your iron accent.


Everything else could be right but if the furniture is wrong, the entire interior design will appear messy. Ensure that most of your bedroom furniture is made of wood.

As you have seen, a Mediterranean theme is affordable. If your room has enough natural light then you are halfway done with the style.

Feature Image, Decoist, [By Weaver Interior Designs]