5 Outdoor Renovations You Can Do Yourself

Home renovations projects don’t have to be difficult and costly, nor do they always require professional help.

When equipped with the right tools and guidance, you too will be able to do your own home renovation projects, also known as DIY.

Below, we share with you five outdoor renovations that you can do yourself.

A House Repaint

The best tip is to utilise neutral colours like grey or white to make a small unit appear bigger.

Clean the wall surfaces with a sponge and some trisodium phosphate cleaner to ensure that your paint will adhere nicely.

Then, be sure that you have brushes of different sizes, a ladder, safety scaffolding and a razor blade ready to scrape off any paint that gets onto the glass surfaces.

A tapered paintbrush would come in handy to cut in along trim unprotected by masking tape, especially when you move your entire arm while painting instead of restricting movement only from the elbows down.

You will need anywhere between three to four days to complete an exterior paint job.

Exterior Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can be a nice exterior decoration. It will also protect your walls from weather damage.

A lighter colour for these panels tends to fare better for maintaining a comfortable temperature within the house.

You won’t need much else other than the vinyl siding tiles, a ladder, a level, and chalk lines to ensure that you are installing the sidings on a level line.

Having a friend or two to help you nail the siding will also be beneficial.

Never use a nail gun, because these siding panels are hung up – not nailed into the next panel.

You might need around two weeks to complete this job.

Fire Pit

You can opt to surround your fire pit with concrete blocks, quarry rocks or other suitable inflammable materials.

All you need is to ensure that the hole you have dug out is a little below the soil line to prevent fire embers going all about and keeping the wind from hindering your cooking process.

A string level will also be useful to keep the rock layering uniform & to keep the entire pit nicely circular to start.

This simple project will only need about two days at max to complete once you have gathered all the tools required.

Replacing an Exterior Door

How worn down is your front entrance? When you are changing your exterior door, you can also consider getting heavier and sturdier timber-based doors as an upgrade.

If you have a pre-hung door, you will only need basic carpentry tools including a pry bar, tape measure and level, nail set and hammer.

Installing a new pre-hung door will require just the basic carpentry skills, and the entire task can be done within a day! At most, you will only need the second day to paint the door and add on simple decorations.

A Deck Upgrade

If you already have an existing deck, you can give it an overall upgraded look by adding on new deck tiles or new floor covering on top of your existing deck.

The option you choose will depend upon whether you’d like to maintain a wood-based look or an outdoor floor area appearance with no gaps.

You only need to lay down the deck tiles and snap them together in place for most tiles.

The floor covering will still need an extra pressure-treated plywood layer, some screws and possibly a hot air welder if the coverage area is large.

This renovation project will not take up more than several hours of your day if the tiles or covering does not need to go around curved edges.

Image: Pixabay