5 Inexpensive Home Reno Tips for Spring

Trying to improve the quality and value of your home without draining the bank account is not an easy task.

But there are manageable changes you can make to the interior of your house that will improve the value of the property and also increase the comfort and pleasure that you take from it.

Hero 5 simple things you can do in refurbishing the interior of your home.

Recovering The Lounge Room Cushions

Rather than throw out your existing lounge suite and living room furniture, why not try a simple makeover of the fabric you are using for your living room cushions?

Spring is here, and that is often a time when people want to brighten up their living space.

hobart curtain and cushion store

The Finnish based Marimekko With a range of bright colourful and floral Fabrics is all the rage today.

In Australia, you can pick up genuine Marimekko cushion, curtain and lounge fabrics from Yulkis Home Decor.

Scandinavian cotton fabrics are always so bright and so inviting, particularly if your room has a lot of natural light.  They are also super easy to keep clean.

If you are not able to make the cushions yourself, there are plenty of people handy with a sewing machine who can do it for a reasonable cost.

Try Re-purposing Unused Spaces

Another thing you can do is to try and repurpose an old space. Quite often you will have a broom cupboard or a space under the stairs which nobody uses, except to store the junk.

Forrent has some great ideas for closet and cupboards that have long been forgotten.


Why not turn these unused spaces into open shelving? If the room is getting enough like, you could also try turning the spaces into Indoor garden features.


Be sure to find a suitable range of indoor plantsWhich require little management but which add some colour and life to the room.

Redecorate the Walls

Where does the old portraits and pictures on the wall? Maybe the frames could be replaced, or a whole new series of artwork (to match your new Marimekko cushions) could be installed.

Perhaps the paint has become dated? You could give it a new coat of paint, or you could arrange some new wall hangings for a feature wall to the room.

A textured drywall mud technique is also an inexpensive way to cover blemishes and give your living area a new look and feel.

New Curtains

Initiative Kurtz is such a simple thing to do these days. Curtains can be readily made from just about any fabricAnd put up in your home in no time.

Not only can you change the colour and type of fabric you are using you can change the style and look of the entire window with some well thought out and creative curtain making.

Bringing Life to the Kitchen.

Apart from the living areas, the other most important social venue in the house is the kitchen period

You don’t have to install an entirely new kitchen to get a wonderful new look. Housely has a great range of images to give you plenty of ideas for a cheap kitchen makeover.

Rather than redesigning the entire kitchen why not just redesignedThe kitchenware?


Perhaps you could go for a Victorian Edwardian look. Every garage sale and every boot car sale is filled with other people’s unwanted Kitchen Wares.By clearing all the benchesAnd bringing into the kitchen.

A new set of appliances can bring new life to a space that has become unloved.

You could go for an ultra modern stainless steel look. It will cost you a little bit more money for the countertop items, but it too can give your kitchen a brand new look.