5 Great Autumn Ideas for a Quick Home Makeover

As summer quickly fades and autumn comes around, the colours in my garden begin to change.

I love summer but I also enjoy the autumn colours and the stillness as the nights become cool. Now’s a great time to do a few autumn renovations and decorations in your home time to do some extra decorating and renovating your home.

The days of not so hot that you can’t put in a bit of labour and with a few touches you can have some very beautiful Autumn themes in your home.

Here are five Autumn themes that won’t coast the earth but which will bring a sense of “cosy” as winter moves in.

Autumn Art

A great way to start your Autumn renovation is for some simple autumn artwork. Having something just in the foyer or front entrance of your home can instantly change the mood of the entire house.

Perhaps it is as simple as a rustic table with a vase or portrait in orange and golden yellows. Oil painting can often do the trick with some deep browns and reds.

Romantic Dining

Wild hot summer colours tend to lend themselves to passion; Autumn colours bring out the romantic ambience in a room.

What could be more inspiring of romance than a warm, cosy evening meal with candles and low lighting? Decide if you want formal or casual dining and choose your decor accordingly.

autumn colour Red and yellow apples make a lovely Autumn centrepiece that can add visual interest and a calm, quiet dining environment.

From the Dining Table to the Bedroom

Forget spring cleaning. Autumn is a great time to make over your bedroom with just a few simple changes in the Manchester.

Changing quilt covers or pillowcases and blankets are a great way to start the transformation into autumn.

Look to be inspired by colours the bring walks and tranquillity into the bedroom.

The Porch or Patio

If it’s still warm enough where you live to spend your days and early evenings outside, then perhaps a change in scenery on your porch or patio is in order.

Again, the right colours are the key. Rustic timber furniture, Autumn flowers and a beige sofa with amber and mustard cushions can make for a lovely place to soak up the last of the seasons’ sun.

Most of these ideas will work, even if you’re in an apartment.

Changes can lift the spirit and create an entirely new atmosphere in your home if done well. They don’t need to be expensive, but you do need to give some thought to the tones and colours you are using to achieve the right effect.

Some other autumn ideas that can be used year after year without a significant cost include:

  • Scented candles
  • Cushion covers
  • Plants and wall hangings
  • Artwork
  • Throws and rugs

Do you need some inspiration for your colours? Why not try these combinations.

  • Ivory, chiffon, bone and salt.
  • 10, page, porcelain and daisy.
  • Sugar cookie, sand, parmesan, lace and coconut.
  • Cherry, crimson, carrot, banana, lemon and currant
  • Caramel, gingerbread, cinnamon, pecan and mint.

Make your own colour combinations using the chart to your right (courtesy of Invites Weddings)

Feature Image, Archer Quilt Cover Set, http://www.manchestercollection.com.au