3 Ways To Boost The Value of A Flat In Bondi Beach

Australian beach holiday spots are as varied and diverse as the country itself. As one of the prime tourist hubs, New South Wales harbours multiple attractions no matter what one’s definition of enjoyment may be. However, there is one place nearly all – locals and foreigners alike – visit for some good-natured fun in the sun. That place is, of course, Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach: Sydney’s South Coast’s sacred spot for surfing, sharks, and sun-loving tourists. A prime reason why beachgoers favour this particular location is the excellent weather; surf’s up nearly all year round.

As a highly coveted holiday spot no matter what the season, Bondi Beach features multiple beach houses and flats to accommodate visitors. These homes are often well-desired as the location is a great base, enabling visitors to combine a beach holiday with visits to Sydney. Simply put, there is fun and enjoyment on all sides.

Recently, the median price of renting or buying a coastal unit has gone up relative to prices of units in the nearby city. Statistics show that within the past year, there has come about the greater demand for coastal units compared to those that exist in the city.

To benefit from this high demand, there are a number of ways Bondi Beach apartment owners can add value to their properties and earn a profit in the event of a sale.

Repairs and renovations

With a flat, there exists the issue of being unable to decorate the exterior for added appeal. However, there is always room for improvement inside. This improvement can come in various forms.

An essential step of upping the value of the flat is to repair whatever is faulty. Whether this is a light switch that doesn’t work, or a faucet that isn’t running, or a torn sofa cloth, it must be fixed and refurbished.

Simply repainting the bedroom walls a pale blue shade, for instance, can provide a fresher and more open appearance to the interior, one that is reminiscent of the clear waters outside.
Renovations can also come in the form of an update to one of the rooms.

For instance, the bathroom can be remodelled with the addition of seaside elements; a shell-shaped basin, for example, or whimsical soaps in the form of shells and fish are appropriate options. You could even incorporate 3D walls into the beachy scenery for a dramatic effect.

A coastal colour palette can be applied to tie-dyed tiles to give the effect of Bondi Beach’s infamous waves. In the same vein, the kitchen can be remodelled using similar colour schemes and patterns.

Check out the Home Decor Guide to Small Spaces on Homely. Their outdoor winter living ideas will also give you ways to inspire the buyer as we head into the cooler months.


Staging the apartment involves adding simple touches to inform the potential buyer of the various options they have when it comes to setting up the apartment to their liking.
Rearranging certain items can change the entire ambience of a room; adding a chaise by the window, for instance, can give a room a cozy feel.

bondi beach flat sales

Staging also involves de-cluttering the apartment; for a coastal property, it is especially important that it exudes a zen-like feel. Excess furniture and decorations can be removed to provide for potential customers a canvas on which they can place their own ideas for interiors.

Know your buyer

Lastly, it is recommended that sellers conduct research on the characteristics of buyers who are likely to purchase holiday flats and create their plan of sale accordingly.

The key here is to attract the right type of buyer. This will have a significant influence on how the first two steps are conducted and how the apartment is presented for sale.

If, for instance, potential buyers are retirees, the value added must reflect their requirements. Open spaces and a relaxed environment can then be the focus of how the flat is made to appear.

A bit of research and a few appropriately placed changes can assist Bondi Beach apartment residents to add sale value to their properties, thereby improving their appeal on the real estate market.

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