10 Things you Need to Know When Moving Home

Moving from one house to another is an exciting task for many. But, it can also be a tedious and overwhelming activity most especially if you have to transfer in a far flung area or planning to move too many items at once.

If you are planning to move in a few weeks, here are the ten things that you need to know to make your house moving journey a piece of cake.

1. Segregate and categorise the items into three different categories (save, sell, share)

Before packing up your things, make sure to have some spare time in segregating in categorizing the items.

Thus, instead of bringing all the items, the unnecessary stuff can be sold or shared in a charity.

2. Place the items in a color coded box

To make packing and unpacking a breeze, place the items in color-coded boxes. You can also use colored papers or duct tapes to put labels on the boxes. Make sure that you will indicate the items found inside and the part of the house where it will be placed.

3. Prepare all the boxes in an area where it can be picked up easily

Instead of putting the boxes on the second floor or the bedroom, place all the boxes near the door so that it will be easier to move it to the car or truck.

4. Hire the services of special transport removal service

If you know that you can’t move all the items all by yourself or with the help of some friends, it is so much better to hire the services of a professional special transport removal service provider to do the job.

If you are planning on shifting a boat, specialty car or you need to transport some other kind of large vehicle, you will need a separate quote. In Sydney, Cathis Transport (http://cathis.com.au/) are able to move cars, boats and other heavy haulage items. Get a quote from them.

5. Set a specific time and day when you are planning to move

When planning to move, make sure that you will set a specific time and date most especially if you will hire the services of a special transport removal service provider. K Smit Removals are one of the better options if you are between Sydney and Taree. They tend to be cheaper than most and are also family owned.

6. Hire someone who will take care of the baby or the pets for the day

Moving day can be full of stress and anxiety, thus, the baby or kids and the pets might be neglected. So, hiring a sitter or nanny who will take good care of your precious ones during these days can save you from disaster.

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7. Separate the basic items that will be needed

As much as possible, prepare a bag filled with the basic items that you and your family need. For sure, unpacking and searching for your items will be the last thing that you want to do once you’ve moved.

8. Prior to moving, make sure to clean the house first

To ensure that the house is prepared, pay a visit a week or two before moving. This will help you to place the items in the house without dealing with too much dirt and dust.

9. Ensure that the items are properly insured

For sure, you don’t want to deal with broken or damaged furniture in your new place so check out your local insurance company regarding their insurance for moving.

10. Make an inventory before you move

Having a list of the things you own is important to inform you whether everything has been delivered accordingly.