Finding a Furniture Removalist – Advice from an Industry Expert

Furniture removalists help you move your furniture, boxes, and other belongings from one place to another. You might be moving your belongings from your old house or from storage to your new house, or even just inside the same house.

Furniture removalists can help you move locally within the same region, interstate, or even internationally.

When it’s time to hire a removalist, it’s great to do your research online, but don’t forget to ask friends and family for recommendations and advice!

For a local move, Melbourne furniture removalists Dumbo Move advise keeping an eye out for the following indicators when searching and planning your move online and looking to hire the services of a moving company.

Look for positive and fair reviews online

One of the most influential indicators to look for online is positive but fair reviews. The Internet is a great place to get information on furniture removalists that you’re considering, and there is no shortage of review sites online where people have shared their moving experiences.

Chances are, the moving company you’re considering has also been reviewed on one of these sites, and it’s a great place to get a good idea of the company with whom you’ll be dealing!

Ask if they are part of an industry association

Some of the best moving companies are part of an industry association. In Australia, that association is AFRA – The Australian Furniture Removers Association.

Although not all removalists are members of an industry association, being part of one is another indicator that you’ll be getting a high level of service. Although having membership is a bonus, you will still find many capable and reliable companies who aren’t members of an industry body, and yet still offer an extremely high level of service.

Ask if they require a deposit

Nowadays, not many moving companies ask you to pay down a deposit to lock in your move. Ask the removalists you are considering hiring if they need a cash deposit from you before the move begins. If the answer is yes, then this should be a signal that the removalist company may not be the best fit and should prompt you to look elsewhere.

Do they have an address

Many people have gotten used to businesses online listing only a PO box. When it comes to the moving industry, most reputable companies will list their physical address. This is because some fly-by-night operations only use a post office box so they can move around more easily.

If the moving company you’re considering doesn’t have a physical address on their website, ask for that address. If they still don’t provide one, then you should consider finding another removalist.

Ask for insurance and terms

At a minimum, a reputable removalist should carry insurance to cover your property for damage. Some larger moving companies will even carry insurance to cover your goods while they are being handled, and while they are in transit to your destination property.

Ask the removalist company you are considering what types of insurance they carry, specifically what is and isn’t covered by their moving insurance.

Also ask the company for their terms and conditions. The T&C’s should be readily available and comprehensively list the things they are responsible for, and the things you are responsible for.

Moving home can be one of the most exciting and at the same time stressful things to do in your life, and there’s a tonne of stuff to organise before the removalists arrive on the big day. Finding the right company who can help you plan should help you to keep moving day relatively stress-free.